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Since 2003

We have inplemented more than 1,000 succesful projects with manufacturers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Georgia and other CIS countries.


  • Mandatory certification of products for compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (TR CU / TR EAEU)
  • Mandatory certification of products specified in Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 982 dated 01.12.2009
  • Voluntary certification of products
  • Selection and identification of product samples for testing
  • Technical audit of production
  • Consultations regarding the registration of declarations of conformity
  • Product labeling examination
  • Development, compliance assessment and examination of technical documentation


In the Russian Federation the control and supervision of the compliance with the mandatory requirements of national standards and technical regulations is implemented by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (ROSSTANDART).

In accordance with the Federal Law of December 27, 2002 N 184-FZ “On Technical Regulation of Compliance” (original: N 184-ФЗ “О техническом регулировании”) compliance on the territory of the Russian Federation can be carried out on a voluntary or mandatory basis.

Voluntary confirmation is observed in the form of voluntary certification.

Voluntary confirmation of conformity can be carried out to establish compliance with standardization documents, voluntary certification systems, and the terms of contracts.

Mandatory confirmation is performed in the forms:

Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of conformity is carried out according to one of the following schemes:

  • Acceptance of a declaration of conformity based on own evidence
  • Acceptance of a declaration of conformity based the evidence obtained with the participation of the certification body and/or accredited testing laboratory/center (third party)

Mandatory Certification

Mandatory certification is carried out by the certification body based on the agreement with the applicant. Certification schemes used for certification of certain types of products are defined by the relevant technical regulations.


The procedure for establishing requirements for products is determined by the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union dated May 29, 2014 and the legislation of the Russian Federation on technical regulation.

The Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union is a document adopted by the Eurasian Economic Commission. It establishes requirements for the objects of technical regulation that are mandatory for application and execution on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (formerly Customs Union). Nowadays EAEU includes five countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan. In addition to the technical regulations of the Union, Russia has technical regulations adopted by the regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation. Russian technical regulations are valid until the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union come into force.

  • TR CU 001/2011 On safety of rail vehicles
  • TR CU 002/2011 On safety of high-speed trains
  • TR СU 003/2011 On safety of railway infrastructure
  • TR CU 004/2011 On safety of low-voltage equipment
  • TR CU 005/2011 On safety of packaging
  • TR CU 006/2011 On safety of fireworks
  • TR CU 007/2011 On safety of the products for children and teenagers
  • TR CU 008/2011 On safety of toys
  • TR CU 009/2011 On safety of perfumes and cosmetic products
  • TR CU 010/2011 On safety of machinery and equipment
  • TR CU 011/2011 Elevator safety
  • TR СU 012/2011 On safety of the EX-equipment
  • TR CU 013/2011 On requirements for the motor fuel
  • TR CU 014/2011 On safety of motorways
  • TR СU 015/2011 On safety of grain
  • TR CU 016/2011 On safety of appliances burning gaseous fuels
  • TR CU 017/2011 On safety of light industry products
  • TR CU 018/2011 On safety of wheeled vehicles
  • TR CU 019/2011 On safety of personal protective equipment
  • TR CU 020/2011 On electromagnetic compatibility
  • TR CU 021/2011 On safety of food
  • TR СU 022/2011 On food marking
  • TR CU 023/2011 On juice and products containing vegetables and fruits
  • TR CU 024/2011 On oil and fat products
  • TR CU 025/2012 On safety of furniture
  • TR CU 026/2012 On safety of small ships
  • TR CU 027/2012 On safety of particular types of special foodstuff including dietic clinical and dietic protective nutrition
  • TR CU 028/2012 On safety of explosives and products on their basis
  • TR CU 029/2013 On safety of food additives, flavor enhancer and processing accessories
  • TR CU 030/2012 On safety of lubricants, oils, and special fluids
  • TR CU 031/2012 On safety of agricultural or forestry operation vehicles and trailers
  • TR CU 032/2013 On safety of pressure equipment
  • TR CU 033/2013 On safety of milk and dairy products
  • TR CU 034/2013 On safety of meat and meat products
  • TR СU 035/2014 On tobacco products
  • TR EAEU 036/2016 On requirements for the gaseous fuel
  • TR EAEU 037/2016 On restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment
  • TR EAEU 038/2016 On safety of attractions
  • TR EAEU 039/2016 On requirements for mineral fertilizer
  • TR EAEU 040/2016 On safety of fish products
  • TR EAEU 041/2017 On safety of chemicals
  • TR EAEU 042/2017 On safety of children’s playgrounds
  • TR EAEU 043/2017 On requirements for fire retardants and fire-extinguishing systems
  • TR EAEU 044/2017 On safety of bottled water and natural mineral water
  • TR EAEU 045/2017 On safety of mineral oil
  • TR EAEU 046/2018 On safety of natural gas
  • TR EAEU 047/2018 On safety of alcoholic beverage
  • TR EAEU 048/2019 The requirements for the energy efficiency of energy-consuming devices
  • TR EAEU 049/2020 On the requirements for pipelines for the transport of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons
  • TR EAEU 050/2021 On safety of products for civil defense and protection against natural and man-made emergencies



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