International Group of Companies

Since 2003

We have inplemented more than 1,000 succesful projects with manufacturers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Georgia and other CIS countries.


Manufacturers of
medical devices 

who need assistance in finding reliable suppliers, choosing raw materials, conducting quality control, and monitoring shipments to their manufacturing sites

Large wholesale

who want to organize direct purchases from manufacturers of medical devices without intermediaries, find the right products on the domestic Russian market, adapt packaging, and manage orderly shipments and export customs


Search for Products and Manufacturers/Suppliers in Russia

  1. Search and verification of suppliers of equipment, raw materials and components.
  2. Preparation of a report with the reliable and up-to-date information, a list of promising manufacturing companies and reliable suppliers with a good reputation.

Search for suppliers in the Russian Federation according to your request and effective selection of the right products/materials correspond to the requested profile. We select suppliers and purchase products according to your terms of reference.

You will get:

  • Verified information on each manufacturer or supplier (full contact details, the range of all products, production duration, maximum and minimum order volume).
  • Extensive monitoring and evaluation of the scale of production, the level of technical equipment of the manufacturer, availability and quality of raw materials.
  • Coordination of delivery terms, calculation of cost, routes, customs duties, which generally allows you to estimate the preliminary (total) cost of transportation.
  • Product samples provision to the customer, assessment of the samples quality and compliance with standards (GOST, SNIP, sanitary norms and other regulatory documents) of the Russian Federation and based on your specific requirements.

Providing  reports (photo and video format) about the company and the current production and/or supplier processes.

Manufacturer/Supplier Assessment

Supplier’s/Manufacturer’s audits for verification of compliance and capabilities declared by the Russian side vs. their real potential. It allows you to exclude/minimize intermediaries, financial and legal risks in transactions with unscrupulous suppliers. The assessment procedure helps to a client to understand the level of the manufacturer’s production culture and identify whether the supplier is able to provide the necessary product quality.

  • Assessment of the reliability of the enterprise: market share, judicial practice, financial condition, tax debt, number of personnel, bankruptcy
  • Supply history and existing customers
  • The range and characteristics of the products
  • Assessment of the level of technical equipment
  • Quality system audit, all types of internal quality control procedures for raw materials and components
  • Checking of capacity of the equipment and process validation performed.

Quality Control, Audit, Monitoring

We act as a customer’s representative. Verification of product quality at all stages— from placing an order for production till the shipment. The customers will get reports with photo and/or video materials from all the stages product preparation and readiness. 

  1. During production
  • To assure that all required controls are fulfilled by the quality control department according to the agreed specifications
  • Checking products for defects
  • Verification of compliance with the production deadlines  
  • Reports preparation
  1. Before shipment
  • To assure that products are produced in accordance with the standards and contract requirements
  • To assure compliance with the packaging and labeling requirements: data, fonts, symbols, QR codes etc
  • Checking the storage conditions in the warehouse
  • Evaluation of the quality and quantity of the ready batches of product for the shipment
  1. During the loading
  • Checking the integrity and compliance of the packaging materials.
  • Labeling verification of data, fonts, pictures, QR codes etc. according to the specifications
  • Document control
  • Control of the loading process and placement in the container
  • Photos and video reports of the loading process and container sealing

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